Keyword Rankings

Where Do You Rank For Your Keywords?

What Are Keyword Rankings?

Keyword rankings refer to where you rank online for that specific keyword

Search results vary based on what Google has considered relevant for that particular search online. Most of the time, you will be seeing paid ads either at the top of the page or on the footer when you look something up on Google. If you are performing a local search, you will see Google Maps listings directly below paid ad listings.

The ranking structure is as followed:
– Page 1: Rankings 1-10
– Page 2: Rankings 11-20
– Page 3: Rankings 21-30

Only 22% of users ever go past the first page on Google, so it is essential to either rank on the first page for the organic listings or get ranked in the map pack for local searches. Below is an image that explains the difference between paid searches and Google map rankings. 


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