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Effective SEO for Contractors

Increasing Your Online Search Rankings

As a contractor, you don’t have the time to try to get more prospects. We understand that you’d rather worry about enhancing the look and aesthetics of your customers home than when your next lead will come in. With Seyfmark’s Contractor Digital Marketing Package, we combine multiple methods of online marketing to enhance your brand’s online presence, and most importantly, generate more leads. Yes there are sites like Angie’s List and Thumbtack, but why pay on a per lead basis? We have an example of how we help a Window & Door Company with their SEO generate more leads through search marketing.

Window & Door Company SEO Case Study

Turn Clicks Into Customers

What To Expect With Seyfmark

– High ranking position on SERPs for better visibility
– Targeted optimization in your chosen local community
– Increased online presence for old and new customers
– A lead generating website
– Reputation management for all review platforms
– Online interaction with your customers and prospects on social media

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Contractor SEO Solutions That Help You Get Found Online!

If you’re looking to get more exposure and generate more leads for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very effective method of marketing since users in your area are looking for your services! If they can’t find your website on Google, the possibility of that user becoming a customer vanishes.

Your customers are using local search results to find the contract/remodel services that they desire. When you pop up on Google in front of your prospect with those intentions, the probability of them reaching out to via phone call or contact form is very likely. So why take the chance of losing any more potential customers? Let Seyfmark help you with your SEO today!

It’s Not Too Late To Beat Your Competitors!

Don’t get discouraged by your competitors rankings. It’s never too late to take your competition head on. With targeted digital marketing techniques for contractors, your business can be taken to a whole new level.

Over the past few years, the world has  experienced more than forty five search engine changes. Google search is constantly changing , but Seyfmark is on point with our company’s effective SEO services and strategies. Let Seyfmark guide you to success and more search visibility. 

Don’t put all that weight on your shoulders and try to do everything yourself. We will take care of your SEO and your lead generation, you take care of your what you’re really good at and that’s doing contractor work.

Our Contractor SEO Blueprint For Success!

How We Help You Rank on Google

Search Engine Optimization

Get more customers to see your business online using Google. Using local SEO, we can drive prospecting business to your location

Content Optimization

Your website needs content. At the end of the day, you need to prove to your visitors that you’re an expert. This can be done by leveraging engaging content.

On Page Optimization

SEO is technical to do at the beggining. This is why we have a team of trained staff to handle all of the tricks on page optimization has to offer.

SEO Consulting

If you have an in house team for your SEO agency, we also provide SEO consulting where we can show you exactly what to do with the propoer guidance.

Data Analysis

Using tools like Google analytics, Google search console, and other tools provided by Google, we can easily simplify the data for you.

SEO Strategy

The most important piece to a SEO campaign is to create a road map. What keywords should you target? What type of content should you have on your site? In window and door market, these are things you need to know.

SEO ROI Breakdown

Learn How SEO is Beneficial For Your Business

Constant Revenue Generation

Think of SEO as a long term investment. You don’t usually see results right away, but with the right strategy implemented, you’ll an ROI in the long run as you would for any other investment.

The beauty of SEO is that once you are ranked on the top for whatever keyword/target area you want to target, you’ll usually be at that position for a long period of time.

So what does that mean? It means that you’ll be generating immense amounts of web traffic to your website.

As you can see in the infographic, the ceiling is very high when it comes to generating revenue with the correct strategy.

We have broken down the impact that SEO has on any business and it can do the same for your window and door company.

When people are searching online to upgrade their homes with new windows or doors, they have an intention. This is your businesses chance to get in front of them and grab their attention. This is where effective and attention grabbing title tags come into place.

You then get them to click on your link and now what? How are you going to convert them from someone with interest to a customer and eventually a sale?

This is where effective conversion rate optimization comes into play. SEO isn’t just driving traffic to your site, but it’s also about converting your clicks to customers.

Click thru rates and conversion rates are an important part of SEO. If these two variables of your SEO campaign are low, Google will then view your website as irrelevant and decrease your ratings.

At Seyfmark, we provide conversion and call tracking to ensure that your campaign is working the way you want it to be. We want to make sure we are targeting the correct demographic and want your window and door company to reach new heights and there’s no better way to do it than data and analytics.

Ready To Take Your Contractor Company To The Next Level?

Web Traffic to Revenue Breakdown

Seyfmark Dashboard

We try to be as transparent as possible and with our dashboard, you can keep track of where we are it with your SEO campaign! Don’t have time to constantly check your metrics? Our dashboard can automatically send a report to your inbox daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Also keep track of your social media, your online reviews & so much more!

Why Seyfmark?

We collectively have over 15 years of experience running professional search engine optimization campaign that works. We are young SEO experts in Riverside ready to take your business to the next level and keep climbing. There is a lot of information about Search Engine Optimization on the internet which would take years to read, test and prove. Our experts have already done the SEO research in Orange County & beyon and have tracked which White Hat SEO practices are best which follow each search engine’s guidelines and let the spiders crawl your website.

Other Digital Marketing Services That We Provide

We want to really emphasize that SEO isn’t something that can be done effectively overnight. It takes time to increase your rankings and our clients understand that.

Time is money and you want to increase your bottom line. On top of SEO, we also provide other services that will provide much quicker results. We do this so you can see your customer base increase while your SEO rankings are going up. It’s a win-win solution!

We also provide services like website design, social media, Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords & so much more.

Drive Your Businesses Revenue Today!

We offer SEO services that help websites increase organic search organically and compete for 1st page rankings of competitive keywords.


We understand that SEO can seem overly complex and confusing. To help you out, we have put out a list of FAQ’s to give you a better understanding of how our process works.

SEO isn’t a quick solutions for growing your business. Despite it taking longer than Facebook ads for example, it has a much lasting impact towards generating leads and finding you new customers. 

Seyfmark utilizes the industry’s most powerful analytics tools for tracking the best performing keywords.  With a keen eye for upside and opportunity, our SEO experts will provide input on which keywords are most searched, most competitive, and have the highest probability of converting for you.

If you do have any more questions, you can always ask us here.

How long does it take to rank?
Rankings are dependant on keyword difficulty, Keyword difficulty is a score based on 0 – 100 to determine a markets competiton. For example, the keyword “Los Angeles SEO” has a difficulty of 58 according to ahrefs (a popular SEO tool to measure KD). If your business is targeting a keyword with a score of 80, it will take longer to rank than a keyword that has a KD of 9. Your best option is to contact us to view our approach on ranking your keyword specifically.
How does your pricing work?
Our pricing is based on the hours it takes to get the keyword placement. This ties back to understanding how keyword difficulty can affect SEO rankings. For a keyword such as “new york SEO”, we would charge more than for a smaller keyword such as “los angeles seo marketing agency”. This is because going for keywords with more competition takes more time and much more production than a keyword with low difficulty.
Whats your approach for SEO?
Our approach varies depending on the type of business you are. But regardless of your business, we get the work done by focusing on creating high quality relevant content, updating your content regularly, creating click-worthy title tags and meta tags, using image alt tags, focusing on website speed, and having link worthy content. With these suggestions it is safe to say you’ll see positive movements regardless of the industry.
Do I pick the keywords?
When we launch an SEO campaign we always ask you what keywords you want to rank for. Once we have that set list of keywords, we can then determine other keywords that fit well with your brand authority. Targeting keywords all comes down to what the user is trying to accomplish after they make that search. We can also use tools to find keywords that are being searches the most in your local area or throughout the world.
Will you write the content?
Yes, if you don’t have existing website content for us to optimize we will do it for you. Our SEO strategy is also a content marketing strategy. Using a team of highly skilled writers we can create content that represents your brand and what it stands for. We specialize in writing articles that are 100 – 10,000 words long all in efforts to rank for a specific keyword. If you already have content, we then optimize your existing content to make sure it gets impressions in the search.

The Seyfmark Promise

You need  an agency to  make your professional life easier—a team who will remove barriers and produce results, so you  can accomplish your goals. When working with us, we promise to provide:

  1. Superior Performance: Get the best tools, technologies, and results you’ve ever had in your organization.
  2. Be Future-Proof: Know and experience the latest in digital marketing ahead of your competition.
  3. Work with Experts in your Industry: Work with a team of experts who know what it takes to deliver measurable results in your digital marketing campaigns.
  4. Love Your Experience from Start to Finish: Enjoy a combination of strategies, results, and service that create the best experience imaginable.

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